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History of Pilates
To see the history of Pilates, click HERE to watch this informative animation...
Pilates at Any Age
Think you are too old to do Pliates?  Think again!
Click HERE to watch a 100 year old woman rock the Reformer...


The diaphragm aids/leads the body in effective, conscious breathing.  It stimulates our core musculature.  

Click HERE to watch this video of Moon Jellyfish to see what your diaphragm is doing every time you take a

full, slow, expansive deep breath...


"One often wonders how so many millions continue to live as long as they do under this tremendous handicap to longevity.  
Lazy breathing converts the lungs, figuratively speaking, into a cemetery for the deposition of diseased, dying, and dead germs.."
— P. 23, Joe Pilates, Return To Life



We all wonder what it is, why it happens, and how can we avoid it.  Read the link HERE to learn about it.

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