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My teaching style is based on activating and strengthening the deep muscles that protect the spine.  I focus on alignment and efficient muscle sequencing to motivate lengthening and strengthening in the body.  Working the body holistically through movement recruited from our center creates fluidity throughout the body.  By combining different methods of training, I am able to help my clients to achieve pain-free range of motion which encourages them to continue to move with a renewed spirit.  My essential rule in teaching, if you're in pain, stop and I'll provide a modification.  The No Pain No Gain Model of exercise is a thing of the past and Joseph Pilates was ahead of his time when he created this rehabilitative approach to movement.  My clients are surprised when they realize by performing the movements correctly and precisely the edge of their strength is revealed after 5-8 reps.  More Thought, Less Time, Less Pain.

I teach pain-free, fluid movement that you can do for the rest of your life.

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