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As an orthopedic physical therapist with a specialty in pelvic dysfunction I have for years looked for someone who could continue to work with my clients after they discharge from therapy. They need a knowledgeable professional who understands the body and its intricate relationships to push them to continue to build strength or flexibility and maintain the gains they have made in therapy.  Lee Anne was the perfect find! She is an excellent instructor with tremendous knowledge and understanding and is always open to learning more and growing as a practitioner.  She has helped me be more aware of my own imbalances and has helped me to find a strong balance in my musculoskeletal system.  I am excited to share her with many many clients to help them achieve their full fitness potential.

— Sarah Dominguez, PT, MSPT, CLT

     Owner Foundational Concepts, Specialty Physical Therapy


I have practiced medicine for several decades and had accumulated several chronic musculoskeletal issues that I assumed would persist and inevitably worsen with age. Working with Lee Anne has convinced me that my assumption was incorrect. She has keen powers of observation and assessment, and a remarkable ability to translate that assessment into a focused program of exercises that for me has yielded results beyond my expectations. Her practice is an outstanding example of "patient centered care" -- a skilled and well trained practitioner who is able to assess a problem in the context of long-term goals, and apply her knowledge and skill in a manner that empowers the patient to engage in the appropriate therapeutic intervention.

— James Sanders, MD


By way of self description, I am a life long learner, which means there is a constant search for the right teacher. My initial Pilates study in 2009 was fascinating, yet I felt the urge to find a teacher who conceptualized the science and the art. By chance and good fortune, I found Lee Anne. Our 4 years of weekly sessions have helped me transform in significant ways: enhanced posture, relaxed alignment, ongoing core strength - with a growing sense of natural grace. This is how I describe Lee Anne - a person of wisdom and deep conviction, who moves through her life and work with natural grace. There is likely no such thing as "one session" with Lee Anne: you WILL want to return - again and again.

— Mary Lorton, Psychologist


After years of practicing fitness in many forms - weight lifting, dance classes, biking, etc. - I returned to Pilates.  I've never experienced this approach to Pilates before, nor seen these results! Lee Anne patiently and skillfully teaches you how to get the most out of your body while nurturing it -- even when it is injured. One of many examples... I've always had a problem with neck and shoulder tension that only periodic massages seemed to unravel. Now, I just use a few of Lee Anne's techniques to achieve healing and longer lasting results!

— Pam Roffol Dobies, Ph.D.


I can't say enough about how good my experience has been with Lee Anne. She is smart and dedicated. When we began working together, she asked me a myriad of questions; e.g. what are my goals?, do I have a history of injury?, what kinds of activities do I need or want to do? etc. She then came up with an individualized program that has really worked for me. At the age of 64, my physical condition is the best it has ever been. In short, if you are looking for a transformative health and fitness experience, Lee Anne is the one to call.

— Ellen Ryan


I have been working with Lee Anne for almost two years.  I started with her after graduating from physical therapy resulting from a sports injury. The progress we have made is astonishing.  I have incorporated Pilates methods into my daily life, and am much more confident in my body's ability to react and adapt to any situation. I am fitter than ever: I ran my first 5K a year ago and have applied the concepts Lee Anne taught me to all my sports and life activities - - and that includes how to properly sit and breathe at a desk, an airplane or conference table!  Best of all,  Lee Anne has given me the power to release, relieve and prevent pain. Lee Anne is professional,  patient and has an infinite library of "mental models" so that you grasp the concept and the movement, and she is always learning more and therefore so am I.  It is a pleasure to work with her.   

— G. Neumann


After trying just about everything for my chronic neck pain including seeing a spine specialist,  injections, and chiropractic care (none of which helped), I came to LeeAnne. I truly consider her a miracle worker! My chronic pain is gone and  if it decides to rear it's ugly head, thanks to LeeAnne, I have the tools to make it subside.   

Cheryl Covell Seaton


Leanne is constantly learning new techniques to integrate with Pilates practice. She understands at a higher level than most the physiology of the body. Her pilates practice is always focused on the needs of her clients based on their level of physical and emotional well being at the time.
She is adept at modifying and adding additional techniques so that her clients get the very best experience with each visit. 

— Cindy Doolittle

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